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Cambala Investigation Agency

Welcome to a series that takes you into a world of adventure, intrigue and mystery. A series about the exciting lives
of fiveyoungsters- Ishaan, Rohit, Suchita, Farhan and Nikki - who investigate and solve mysteries in their
 neighbourhood…and beyond!
The kids live in a small town called Cambala off the coast of Maharashtra, not too far from Mumbai. It all begins with
 a series of burglaries in Cambala by an ‘invisible thief’, which has baffled the police because there are no witnesses
, and no clues or evidence left behind. The 5 kids realize that each one of them is inherently curious and 
adventurous, and take it upon themselves to unravel this mystery together. They do just that, much to the 
consternation of the new inspector in town – DL Kulkarni, and get instant recognition and fame by the local papers, 
and appreciation by the Superintendent of Police. That’s when they decide to become private investigators, setting 
up their secret headquarters in an abandoned warehouse. And thus the CIA was born.
Each week, the series will present a case from the CIA files. The CIA team uses smart thinking and quick action
 to unravel the most complicated of mysteries. These kids can think on their feet. They’re also ace bikers, who zip
 around town on the coolest bicycles ever, chasing suspects down hilly paths, through busy markets. Each kid has
 his own special talent, and the series shows how they work together as a team to crack the case. Kids watching
 the show will love the CIA for their bravery and thinking power, their attitude and style.
Program duration: 1 HOUR
STORY 1 – CIA and the Mystery of the Crossword Code
Nature of Crime: Prison-break prevention

Sucheta is doing her crossword one day... and as she fills it all in she seems to see a hidden message in it! She tells
 the rest of the CIA about it but no one can see her point of view... they think it’s all in her head...
Upon this recurring crossword discrepancy over the next couple of days, she manages to convince them that its a 
case worthwhile investigating for the CIA!
And off they head to their Editor friend, and begin on a trail. As they delve deeper, they realize the seriousness of 
the case... and as all the messages and clues are put together they point towards a big event happening soon... an
 escape plan of a major convict, that would put their town and indeed, probably the rest of the country in peril!
STORY 2 – CIA and the Mystery of the Breaking Glass.
Nature of Crime: Kidnapping/robbery
A strange chain of events is happening in Cambala. Glass of absolutely any kind is breaking all over town – be they
 window panes, eye-glasses, glass on watches, in bathrooms, cupboards or cycle mirrors…
The CIA stumble upon a lead – an old eccentric scientist who tells them about his new invention. It’s a sound
 machine used to detect earthquakes before they happen. An unfortunate side-effect of the machine is that all glass
 items in the radius of the machine break when it’s on! And someone is after this machine now!
The CIA piece this mystery together, then make a trip to Mumbai to help the hapless scientist protect his secret 
formula from two dangerous rival gangs who actually kidnap him to get their hands on it.

STORY 3 - CIA and the Mystery of the Invisible Thief (a flashback episode)
Nature of Crime: Robbery (valuables)
Story Plot: Burglaries going on in Cambala, no witnesses, no sighting of any thieves, no escape route. The only
 clues are that some ‘coughing’ and other sounds are heard at every robbery, and that the thief probably wears a 
size 12 pair of shoes. Ishaan and Nikki team up with Farhan, Sucheta and Rohit, as the CIA slowly forms over three
 episodes, and solve their first case.

STORY 4 – CIA and the Mystery of the Missing Shoes
Nature of Crime: Robbery (Noor-e-jahan diamond heist)
Story Plot: A shoe robber has struck Cambala with a vengeance! Leading to a number of hilarious incidents... shoes
 are stolen from outside houses, temples, dance classes, even small boys aren’t spared! 
The CIA eventually realize that there is a connection between these small shoe robberies and a big Noor-e-jahan 
diamond heist that recently occurred in Mumbai. Turns out that the thieves had hidden the diamond in one of the 
shoes in a shoe shop in Cambala, and are now desperately looking for it! The CIA lay a trap for them, track them 
down, and now have to look for the one shoe in which the diamond is most probably hidden. Do they eventually get
 the shoe, and the Noor-E-Jahan diamond? Watch to find out…

STORY 5 – CIA and the Mystery of the Cambala Caves
Nature of Crime: Smuggling (Rare, precious stones)
Story Plot: A team from the ASI (Archaeological Survey of India) is visiting the town to supervise the excavation
 work there. In the guise of unearthing these findings (idols), they are carrying out their actual task of burrowing 
out the rare, precious stones hidden here, dating back to the medieval period. The stones are then being smuggled 
abroad, and sold in the international market. The CIA comes up with a plan to nab these smugglers, and put an end
 to this nefarious activity.

STORY 6 - CIA and the Mystery of the False Accusation.
Nature of Crime: Robbery/Scientific espionage
Story Plot: Ishaan’s dad is a scientist, and is accused of robbing a super-formula that he had discovered just 
recently. As a result, he’s suspended from his prestigious post, and now it’s upto the CIA to clear his name and
 absolve him. Who could the thief actually be? The CIA turn their attention to three other scientists who were also
 on Ishaan’s dad’s team…

STORY 7 – CIA and the Mystery of the Missing Kid
Nature of Crime: Kidnapping
Story Plot: The CIA meet a distraught family, whose 8 year old son Anish has mysteriously disappeared. The CIA
 step in, pick up a trail and start looking for Anish in the forests of Ghanaura. A roller coaster adventure ensues, 
where the CIA encounter spiders, snakes, hidden snares… – it’s survival of the smartest, in the most stressful of 

STORY 8 – CIA and the Mystery of the Bank Robbery. 
Nature of Crime: Bank Robbery
Story Plot: Ishan and Farhaan think they’ve solved their fastest case, when they bust a theft in progress at the local
 Art Store in Cambala. The owner of the store, Persis, invites the CIA to the store to gift them a item as a token of
 appreciation. The CIA discovers a massive hole in the wall at the art store, and a hammer lying around, which
 Persis has no idea about.
The CIA smell something fishy. The shabby execution by the robbers, and then very easily getting caught…  it’s all
 very convenient.
The CIA investigates, and rightly so. The small-time, shabbily-executed robbery is a cover up mission for a more
 covert operation – a huge robbery the Bank Of Cambala, which shares a wall with the art shop! The CIA follows this
 lead and foils a great bank robbery.
STORY 9 – CIA and the Mystery of the Haunted House.
Nature of Crime: Counterfeit currency racket
Story Plot: Rosewood Manor, an old abandoned house, was gifted by a man to his grand-daughter Neha before his 
death. When Neha and her boyfriend first arrive at the Manor, she hears and sees ghostly figures that convince her
 that the house is haunted. She seeks the help of the CIA who go there to investigate and prove her wrong. But they
 are horrified to see that the place could just truly be haunted!
The CIA begin to investigate... the haunted house ... the eerie old sweeper, who keeps telling everyone to stay away
 from the house... and Neha’s suspicious boyfriend who is trying to get her to sell off the house... it’s all a big 
unrelated jumble ... till the CIA comes across a clue that makes it all add up and they realize that it’s all a cover up 
for carrying out a counterfeit currency racket inside Rosewood Manor!

STORY 10 - CIA and the Mystery of the Movie Shoot.
Nature of Crime: Insurance scam
Story Plot: A movie shoot unit arrives in Cambala. As the unit arrives and the shooting begins an explosion goes off 
inside the vanity van of the hero Nihal... everyone calls it an ‘accident’. The next day another accident happens and 
then another... all targeted at Nihal! The CIA meet Nihal and the rest of the film crew, to try and figure out whether
 these are all accidents, or are targeted at actually getting rid of Nihal. The CIA crack the clues to find out that the
 least expected of all... the Producer of the film was trying to stop his own film shoot! He’d squandered the money
 for the shoot, was penniless, and thought he had a plan whereby he would receive a hefty sum as insurance, but 
the CIA got in his way!

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